Saturday, August 18, 2012

Red Star Quilts

Red Star Quilts is a quilting blog that will have just about everything quilting, but my main speciality are t-shirt quilts.

Fifteen years ago my genetically instilled sewing gene kicked in, much to my family's amazement.  My parents owned and operated a local upholstery shop, my Grandma and Mom owned and operated the local fabric store for years, and my other Grandma churned out quilts by the cartload.  When I finally decided to start sewing, I think there were rumblings of shock in our family.  For years I had turned my nose up to sewing.  My penchant for quilts forced me to take another look at the family craft.  Once I started sewing, I finally understood why my Mom and Dad could sit at a sewing machine all day.  The gene had finally kicked in.

Over the years I have created quilts, wall-hangings, table runners, and even mug rugs.  My favorite projects are the t-shirt quilts I make.  After a few years of people asking me to make a t-shirt quilt for them, I decided that I might take this out on the road.  This is where I hope to share with you all my creations that hopefully will allow you to choose me to create your own t-shirt quilt.

This blog is for non-quilters and quilters alike!  If you don't sew, that is okay!  Contact me about creating a specialized t-shirt quilt for you.  Quilters, this is where we can share tips and ideas.

I hope you will all enjoy the site!

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