Saturday, August 18, 2012

Minnesota Vikings Quilt

Football season is almost here!  This t-shirt quilt was created for my son who is a big Minnesota Vikings fan!  Can you tell?  He would only part with a couple of t-shirts and I could only scrounge up a couple more.  This was my challenge, make a large t-shirt quilt with only four t-shirts.  And keep it non-girly, per my son's instructions.

I chose a pattern from Patchwork Times.  The pattern is by Judy Laquidara, used with her written permission.  It was a great pattern to incorporate just a few t-shirts and have a more masculine feel.  I love how it turned out, especially since I am a Vikings fan myself.  More importantly, my son loves it.  Actually he loves it so much, he has been more inclined to make his bed in the morning!  I guess maybe I need to make the other boys their own t-shirt quilts to encourage making the bed!

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